Health 365 Patient Portal

This has been temporarily limited to prescription orders and viewing of results etc. No availability to make appointments online

We are happy to introduce the availability of a patient portal Health 365 for our enrolled patients.Health 365

It will allow you to view medical information on yourself and your children under sixteen.

This information includes immunization history, allergies, measurements, upcoming tasks, lab results, and order regular prescriptions. Online appointment bookings are also available, please keep to your own doctor where possible.

If you are acutely unwell and there are no slots available online, always phone reception and double check as we do reserve a couple of slots each day for urgent cases.

Due to significant costs associated with installation and maintenance of the patient portal we will be charging a $10 enrollment fee for each patient 16 and over and an ongoing $10 yearly fee.

Children under 16 will need at least one parent to sign on using their email address. Personal email addresses are preferred as you are accessing private information.

If you are having trouble logging into the Health365 website, please call us at reception on 09 817 8069 so we can chase up the error.

Click here to download the form to sign up.

Click here to login to Health365 if you are already registered.