Thank you for choosing to enrol at Titirangi Medical Centre.

November 13/1/2019


We are unable to enrol under our 2 permanent locums.


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Welcome to Titirangi Medical Centre
Welcome to Titirangi Medical Centre

Enclosed in the .zip file available above are all the forms you need to read and complete to enroll with our practice including permission to transfer your prior medical history. Please complete and sign ALL forms then return the hard copies to reception as we are required to hold them for auditing purposes.

Before we can activate you enrollment with us with the government, we are required sight and hold a copy of documentation proving that you are eligible for the government funding scheme (see criteria below). If you are eligible we can apply to receive funding which will reduce the cost of your visits from $85 to $54 (over 16yrs). Please provide this along with your enrollment documents.

Please note that even if you have provided this information at a New Zealand hospital, our system is completely separate and we cannot access their records.

Once your enrollment has been completed we can offer you an appointment. Your first appointment (over 16yrs) will be a half hour appointment and you will also be required to see the nurse for baseline measurements to be taken. The charge will be $85 – payment is expected before the consultation.


Eligibility Requirements for Publicly Funded Healthcare in New Zealand

Due to the new Ministry of Health regulations, general practitioners now need to enforce of the government’s 2003 Eligibility Direction policy, in which we are required to prove a patients eligibility for funding to the Ministry of Health for ALL patients.


• New Zealand Passport
• New Zealand Citizenship Certificate
• New Zealand Birth Certificate
• New Zealand Resident and Returning Resident Permit/Visa
• Two (2) or more years from the date of entry continuous work permit/visa and date of entry stamp.
• Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident – proof of intention to stay in NZ for two (2) or more years more (e.g., work contract, house long-term lease, ownership, or mortgage) PLUS your passport.

• Children 17 years and under – with a parent or legal guardian on a two (2) or more years continuous work permit – must present parent’s passport and proof of relationship.
• Children 17 years and under – with a parent or legal guardian who holds New Zealand Residency or citizenship – must present parent’s passport and proof of relationship.
• Child born in New Zealand after 01/01/2006 (to one or both parents who meet eligibility criteria) – must present parent’s passport and proof of relationship.

• Publicly funded for holders of the documents above or if their partner is a holder of these documents.
• Proof of relationship to eligible partner will be required.



My visa is valid for two (2) years. Shouldn’t that make me eligible for funded healthcare?

You are only eligible for funded healthcare in New Zealand if you have a visa that is valid for at least two (2) years from the day you enter New Zealand.
• I have a Visitor or Student Visa. Am I eligible?

No as they are not valid for two (2) or more years.
• I’ve already provided this document for another practice/hospital, why do I have to provide them again?

We do not have an organisation wide system in New Zealand for collecting this information. We cannot rely on third-party evidence, we must sight proof  ourselves.


• I don’t have a passport or birth certificate – can I use my New Zealand driver’s license?

No, this is not proof that someone is a New Zealand citizen.
• If I come need to be seen in an urgent medical condition and have no proof on my person, will I be treated and will I have to pay immediately?

We will not turn anyone away that requires urgent medical treatment we have the ability to provide. In this case you will be treated first and will then be asked to provide proof of your eligibility. If you are ineligible or refuse to provide proof, you will be sent an invoice for the full cost of the treatment. If you later prove that you are eligible, the invoice will be reduced. Acute care funding is available for accident victims treated under ACC but there will be a surcharge you will be liable for. We do appreciate prompt payment, if you will have trouble paying on the day, please speak to your attending doctor.
• I am married to a person eligible, does this mean I am?

No, marriage does not make a person eligible for publicly funded healthcare services, unless maternity related. You must prove your status to be eligible in your own right.
• What if I am a refugee or asylum seeker?

You will be eligible for funding after providing proof.


You can visit the websites below for more information on the enrollment process or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Ministry of Health Website
Waitemata District Health Board

Email us: admin@titirangimc.co.nz or phone: 09 817 8069.