Christmas Hours 2018

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Important information for
the holiday period: 

Between the 24th of December 2018 and the 7th January 2019 all appointments WILL BE BOOK ON THE DAY ONLY.  Any routine appointments PREFERABLY to be made outside of these dates.

During Christmas and New Year, most phone calls that the Homecare Medical  (our after-hours team) answer for us, fall into one of the following categories:

1. Repeat prescriptions.
2. INR results.
3. Your opening hours.

Homecare Medical are eager to help our patients who are unwell by having them talk to their nurses and health advisors, but they are unable to help with repeat prescriptions or INR results.

So, before we hit the holiday period – particularly Xmas and New Year weeks , it would be great – for our patients and for Homecare – if patients could:

  • Ensure they (particularly those who are seen regularly e.g. three-monthly) request their prescriptions in advance, and fill them before your practice and pharmacy close for Christmas.
  • Remember those who are going away on holiday to take their medications with them, especially insulin and inhalers.
  • Advise  patients on warfarin that Titirangi Medical phones will be diverted to an after-hours service from 4pm Friday 28th December until we re-open on Thursday 3rd  January 2019 and that Homecare do NOT have access to  INR results. For INR result calls,  Homecare will advise our patients to take the same dosage as the previous day if their condition hasn’t changed.
  • Our opening hours over Christmas and New Year  are available on this  page of our website and also on




Cornerstone Accreditation Nov 2017

We have been signed off by RNCGP for our Cornerstone accreditation.




Welcome to the new Titirangi Medical Centre website, your source for information regarding the latest medical advice and practice updates.









 2/6/2016 –  Measles Catch-up immunisation

MMR vaccine and its administration is free for those who need it. Free vaccination with two doses of MMR ( measles mumps rubella ) vaccine are being offered to all patients born from 1 January 1969 who do not have documented evidence of two doses of MMR vaccine. Particularly those aged 10-29 years.

Those born before 1969 are deemed to be ok.
Ministry of Health info – If you cannot easily find records it is appropriate to go ahead and vaccinate. There are NO safety concerns about giving too many MMR vaccines and this is a safer option than delaying by trying to track down lost records.


GP Availability

Doctor Su-Lin Boey and Dr Rorie Brown are our 2 permanent locum Doctors. We are unable to enrol patients under our locums.

All 4  Doctors books are open.

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