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30 July 2019

We have in  stock a small number of Influenza vaccines.



Please be advised that Dr Michelle Conning’s availability will be reduced over the following 2 months due to a family emergency.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience incurred.

We will endeavour to redirect your appointments to our other GP’s at the Practice.


Updated Information re availability of Flu Vaccines 6th June 2019

We have advised there is now very limited stock of the Influvac Tetra influenza vaccine in NZ:

The Ministry of Health is asking General Practices and pharmacists to ensure they closely manage their stock levels and only vaccinate those who are eligible for publicly funded vaccines:

  • Pregnant women
  • Those aged 65 and over
  • Children aged 4 and under with serious respiratory illnesses
  • People with severe asthma, heart disease, diabetes and other serious health conditions that make them more susceptible to influenza.



All 4 Drs books are CLOSED as of 1st May :

Dr Michelle Conning – closed

Dr Fiona Darracott-Cankovic – Closed

Dr Stephen Wong – Closed

Dr Sheetal Patel – Closed



Weekday’s: Monday – Friday

We have stocks of the Flu Vaccine available. Please ring and book a time with the nurse.



APRIL: 2019

Immunisation for older adults

Older people also need immunisation. This section describes the free immunisations available for people at age 65 and older. These immunisations protect against shingles, influenza, tetanus and diphtheria.

At age 65, immunisation against influenzashinglestetanus and diphtheria is recommended by the Ministry of Health. These vaccines are free (practices may charge a small fee to administer tetanus and diphtheria vaccine). Talk to your doctor or practice nurse to find out how to protect yourself.

As you get older, the protection you received from some of your earlier immunisations begins to wear off. Your immune system may no longer work as well and you are at increased risk from some infectious diseases. Free immunisation is offered at age 65 onwards to protect you against some serious diseases.


Shingles vaccine is free at age 65. Until 31 March 2020, anyone aged 66 to 80 inclusive is also eligible for a free shingles vaccine.

Shingles (or herpes zoster) is a painful rash affecting a particular nerve. It‘s a long-term effect of chickenpox that can occur many years after a person has recovered from the initial disease. It can affect anyone who has previously had chickenpox, and is more common in older people. Shingles usually lasts 10 to 15 days but can cause scarring and loss of vision if it affects the eyes. One of the most serious complications, particularly among older people, is nerve pain that lasts long after the rash has disappeared.


Influenza (or the flu) is a serious illness that can be fatal. Influenza may lead to a stay in hospital at any age but particularly if you are older or have an underlying medical condition. Influenza kills around 400 New Zealanders every year.

Influenza vaccine is free and recommended every year from age 65 onwards. The vaccine is changed each year to make sure it protects against the most common strains of the virus. You can get the vaccine free at your doctors and some pharmacies from late autumn each year.

Flu vaccines will be available early April with Flu clinics to be held Mid May. Dates to be advised.

Cornerstone Accreditation Nov 2017

We have been signed off by RNCGP for our Cornerstone accreditation.














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