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FREE FLU  – vaccinations are available till the end of  August.


Dr Sheetal Patel has returned and is available for appointments.


Please be advised that the fee for age group 18-64 years  is increasing from $48 to $50 as of the 1st of July 2016.

 2/6/2016 –  Measles Catch-up immunisation

MMR vaccine and its administration is free for those who need it. Free vaccination with two doses of MMR ( measles mumps rubella ) vaccine are being offered to all patients born from 1 January 1969 who do not have documented evidence of two doses of MMR vaccine. Particularly those aged 10-29 years.

Those born before 1969 are deemed to be ok.
Ministry of Health info – If you cannot easily find records it is appropriate to go ahead and vaccinate. There are NO safety concerns about giving too many MMR vaccines and this is a safer option than delaying by trying to track down lost records.


11/03/2016 – New consultation room

Those of you who have recently been in may be aware our building has recently undergone some renovations. We now have a fifth consultation room which will allow us to have five doctors consulting at the same time!


7/3/2016 – Flu Vaccinations

Flu vaccinations are now available. Please make an appointment with the nurse.


GP Availability

Doctor Su-Lin Boey, who joined us in August 2015, will continue to be available for appointments 4 days a week.

Doctor Fiona Darracott-Cankovic and Doctor Sheetal Patel are also available, especially if you are more interested in a holistic approach to medicine.

Just a reminder that  Doctor Stephen Wong’s  books remain closed for new patients.



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