We are expecting our stocks of influenza vaccines late  March 2018.


Fee Increase as of 1st January 2018

For the age group 18-64 there will be a $2 increase from $50.00 to $52.00.

65 + yrs a $1 increase from $44.00 to $45.00.

The last increase of fees was June 2016.


Cornerstone Accreditation Nov 2017

We have been signed off by RNCGP for our Cornerstone accreditation.


Laingholm Whooping Cough Outbreak

You may have heard the Laingholm Area is experiencing a whooping cough outbreak with a number of confirmed cases already and more expected to follow.

As we have a large percentage of non-immunised children, we would like to make you aware that the early stages of the illness presents like any other cold, so please phone and book an appointment for a test if you are concerned.

We have had a number of people wanting “catch-up” immunisations for their non-immunised or partly immunised children. Please be aware sorting out which immunisations are needed is very time consuming for our nurses, so we would really appreciate it if you could phone and book a nurse appointment, letting reception know what the appointment is for. This may give our nurses the opportunity to work out what is needed before you arrive.

If you would like a whooping cough booster as an adult then the cost is $45 – please make an appointment with the nurse.


Welcome to the new Titirangi Medical Centre website, your source for information regarding the latest medical advice and practice updates.

June 2017

Thank you to all our patients who participated in our recent patient survey.

Your feedback is much appreciated.

We have noted our waiting times were of concern. We are certainly aware of this but please remember we do fit in emergency walk ins who are acutely unwell. We will always try to update waiting patients of any delay but please do ask the receptionist if you think your waiting time is excessive.







 2/6/2016 –  Measles Catch-up immunisation

MMR vaccine and its administration is free for those who need it. Free vaccination with two doses of MMR ( measles mumps rubella ) vaccine are being offered to all patients born from 1 January 1969 who do not have documented evidence of two doses of MMR vaccine. Particularly those aged 10-29 years.

Those born before 1969 are deemed to be ok.
Ministry of Health info – If you cannot easily find records it is appropriate to go ahead and vaccinate. There are NO safety concerns about giving too many MMR vaccines and this is a safer option than delaying by trying to track down lost records.


GP Availability

Doctor Su-Lin Boey, who joined us in August 2015, is currently on maternity leave – congrats Su-Lin on your baby daughters safe arrival!!!!

Dr Rorie Brown and Dr Deborah Quilter are our 2 locum doctors.

Doctor Fiona Darracott-Cankovic and Doctor Sheetal Patel are also available, especially if you are more interested in a holistic approach to medicine.

Just a reminder that  Doctor Stephen Wong’s  books remain closed for new patients.



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